Three – the best question in the world.

May 9, 2007 at 3:21 pm | Posted in Life in general | 1 Comment

And on to question number three since two was just plain depressing! 🙂

Nothing that a little fishing for compliments from five friends won’t help…which brings us to:

3. If five of your closest friends were each asked to describe you in one word, what would those five words be?

So, instead of making up five words that *I* think describe me, I decided to actually ask five friends. Ok, I actually emailed 6 friends, thinking that maybe some of them wouldn’t reply! Maybe they should have put ‘paranoid’ as their word or something…anyways…

Before I start on what my words were (which I’m going to document if for nothing else than to remember what they said), I have to tell you something huge. Seriously, people.

I have found a CURE for depression! I kid you not. I mean, really. The question wasn’t made up by me, so I didn’t quite feel like I was fishing for compliments until I got responses and realized – hey, no one is going to describe you badly, so OF COURSE they are sending you compliments. What a hugely random way to boost your ego though…even if it is basically sending an email to your friends asking for them to say something good.

Hey, don’t knock it until you try it. It works. And here is why (demonstrated through what they said):

(1) GIFT – this was the first email I got, and was from none other than the Boy. And he makes me melt over and over…and always calls me his gift from God, so this was his choice. I guess it might not count since it’s from him, but nonetheless, I loved it. So there you have it.

The second email contained this little gem:

(2) NINJA – “the skill of going unperceived” or “the art of stealth”; his steps are stealthy and quick, spies who learned the secrets of an enemy by seduction, easily concealed or disguised as commoners.

I love it. That is incredible, and from a fellow ‘ninja’. 🙂

The third came from the same girl who emailed above and it one of the biggest compliment I have ever received in my life coming from a girl who is completely giving her life to do something incredible:

(3) Compassionate – those which take into account the suffering of others and attempt to alleviate that suffering as if it were one’s own, often equated with generosity. Compassion is a sense of shared suffering most often combined with a desire to alleviate or reduce such suffering; to show special kindness to those who suffer. Thus compassion is essentially empathy though with a more active slant in that the compassionate person will seek to actually aid (take action/make action plans) for those they feel compassionate for.

The fourth and fifth came from friends across the country, but that both mean the world to me:

(4) Thoughtful and (5) Caring

The sixth came from a friend who I rarely see, yet talk to often and love dearly:

(6 – bonus) SPARKLE. And she capitalized it too. And she is an angel. Really.

Seriously, again, I reiterate – this has GOT to be the cure for depression! I mean, what great friends of mine are these to describe ME with THOSE words?!? I just want you to know that I am NOT that person described above.

I mean, I do have good moments…but so does everyone else. I’m not an exception in any way, shape, or form – and those same friends who used those words above would undoubtedly vouch for that as well. I struggle exactly like everyone, to get through the day…working and feeling like it doesn’t matter what I do or say, just wanting to be outside, doing something fun with my dog or with my Boy. Being. Selfish.

But when you hear compliments from those you love, it just has to make you smile, even if you don’t believe them. And it makes me want to live in those 5 (ok, 6) words. To actually BE the person they describe. Because obviously, they know I can – they see glimpses. I just need to be reminded. And I thank the Lord for that.


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