Our Story – Part 1

May 16, 2007 at 5:00 pm | Posted in Love | Leave a comment

How’d you meet?

The question was brought up by Clink…who I guess I should just link to on my sidebar, since I still haven’t taken the time to figure out the whole ‘linking’ thing…whatever, don’t judge 🙂

Oh, and sidenote: I love her title – Such Great Heights…awesome meaning…and you’ll have to visit it to figure it out! (nice plug, huh?)

So…The Boy. A friend of a friend (the best way to ensure quality men, right?)…but also, we like to add, ‘in a bar’. And that’s not really true…as the story will tell.

I knew “of” him for a long time. And, strangely enough, we ran in the exact same circle for probably two years without ever being ‘formally’ introduced. Partly because either one of us was dating someone at various times, and partly because both of us have plenty of “friends”…meaning people of the opposite sex who are really cool, but are “just friends”. And really – we’re both busy – and although I’m not opposed to more friends, I’m also not out searching for them.

So…long winded way of saying – we were acquaintances, not friends. Until THE night it changed.

We were out with friends, and for once, we were both single. Yet we didn’t know it. Randomly we were kind of “forced” to talk. You know how that happens – when there’s a group of people talking in a bar, and several conversations start – leaving two people forced to make small talk who normally wouldn’t. He asked where my “better half” was…and of course, I told him that I’d been single now for…uh…at least a couple of months, if not more.

And there you could see the visual change in interaction. Seriously, *I* could tell – and I’m OBLIVIOUS to those things usually. From that moment on, I knew he was interested.

And me? Well, I thought the guy was totally hot, but not really much potential. I didn’t know much about him other than his friends are all crazy partiers – and not that there is anything that I dislike about that – I’m just not into dating those types anymore. They make me feel old and responsible (I’m 29 and I have a ‘real’ job as an engineer and ‘real’ responsiblities like my house…therefore my party days are now usually limited to Friday OR Saturday, and don’t extend much into multiple days or weeknights).

It’s funny how things happen when you least expect them to. I mean, within months, I have totally fallen head over heels for this guy, and he for me. And we could have crossed paths over and over for probably the past 10 years (we both went to high school in the area also)…and never known it. Timing. Thank God for it! 🙂

(And Part 2+ will tell when it changed from ‘not much potential’ to ‘I’m marrying this guy’) 😉


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