Happy Love Day

February 14, 2008 at 5:32 pm | Posted in Love | Leave a comment

I usually hate dislike this day.  NOT because I’m bitter about love or have had horrible ones or any of that non-Valentine’s Day-standard-reasoning.  I just don’t like that my birthday falls on the next day and so not only are people willing to celebrate hard to come by, but flowers are too.  And I think the advertising is too much.  Love does not equal diamonds or expensive gifts, but you would be tempted to argue otherwise based solely on marketing.

However…this year, I’m changing my tune (sorta).  I like the idea of celebrating love.  I like the idea of remembering to acknowledge your love for those around you.  And while no, we should not have to have a ‘holiday’ to commence these ideas…yes, sometimes we need to be reminded or maybe just pushed in the right direction.  Pushed to not wait until *I* feel loved enough or to see if I’m getting what *I* should out of the relationship…pushed to just make the first move to love for the sake of loving.

 And the first year of marriage is a good great time to start.  I love my husband very much, but some days are just hard.  In fact, lots of days are hard.  Not hard to love, but maybe hard to show it or sometimes to really remember why.  Because life gets in the way.  But today, it will be less about me and more about him.  And remembering and celebrating only the good things…the loving things…for at least one day.  No big gifts or diamonds required.  Just some heartfelt kisses and quality time together.  Real Love.


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